Performance & Camps

OPT Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine has worked with athletes from amateur to pro in every major sport. We use the latest techniques in functional exercise. Whether you want to run faster, ski harder, hit further or simply look and feel better, OPT can help you meet your goals.

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Athletic Training

OPT Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine provides athletic training services to area high schools and sports leagues. OPT licensed athletic trainers are on the sidelines and in the training room at: Barrington, Mt. Hope, Narragansett, Portsmouth and Westerly high schools.

Programs & Performance

OPT is committed to "Strengthening Our Communities". The OPT team is consistently providing in-kind workshops to coaches, sports teams and seniors along with complimentary recovery services for running races and sporting events.

Total Athletic Performance Summer
Conditioning Camp
Developed by the staff of OPT Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. This camp targets the sport specific needs of athletes to help reduce the risk of ACL and other injuries. We work on improving power, speed, and agility while promoting team building, encouragement and motivation.

Open to athletes entering 5th grade through entering college freshmen.
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The OPT Challenge
The OPT Challenge is a functional fitness program, designed by OPT’s team of physical therapists. This whole body program is designed to work every part of your body.

OPT CHALLENGE is held in our Wakefield clinic on TUESDAYS at 6:30 pm and on SATURDAYS at 8 am. Taught by Krista Reid, PT, and her staff of OPT specialists.
Golf Fitness & Performance
Our golf specialist’s certifications include Titleist TPI, Nike NG360, and Gray Institute Functional Golf. OPT offers individual and group Golf Fitness.

All OPT golf specialists are licensed physical therapists with advanced fellowship training in the function of sport.
Pre-Season & Peak Performance
Our team of experts are committed to enabling athletes to perform at their peak.

Individual and group strength conditioning programs are developed by our highly trained physical therapists and certified personal trainers. This program uses the latest techniques in biomechanics exercise.