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Shoe Fitting Personalized

OPT’s expertise in biomechanics allows us to properly fit you with performance footwear and orthotics. Our physical therapist will provide a comprehensive exam of your feet, ankles, and gait analysis.

Orthotics at OPT

Custom orthotics are made using the AmFit Computerized Digital Scan. The result is a comfortable, full weight bearing custom orthotic.

OPT’s Bert Reid is certified in Advanced Orthotics Fabrication and is a Running Industry Association Certified Shoe Guru Specialist.

“My feet are the foundation to my success. When I had foot pain and leg trouble, I ran to OPT Physical Therapy.”
Shalane Flanagan, U.S. Olympian, U.S.
Olympic Trials Champion, 2017 NYC
Marathon Champion.


The OptoGait Digital Gait and Running Analysis system is the most precise method available for measuring running asymmetry. Just a brief running test on our treadmill will provide information that can otherwise be a mystery to a runner or coach. OptoGait can uncover asymmetries allowing athletes to improve their efficiency and economy of running.

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